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Change is always challenging but an organisation's ability to adapt is essential. We can help shape your goals and objectives, carry out the initial change impact analysis right through to the implementation, and all whilst ensuring your key stakeholders are kept informed and engaged throughout.

Change is a fact of life and in an industry driven by technology change is inevitable. We understand this at Porterson and we can help.


First and foremost change needs to be realistic so we will work with you to help define what you are trying to achieve. 

We also know that change is only possible if you get the support and buy-in from the people impacted, that’s why we passionately believe in building a consensus and consulting with as wide a stakeholder group as possible.  

At Porterson we have a huge amount of experience, whether it’s a small scale change initiative or a large scale transformation programme we can help because we have a track record. 

  • Governance and control: Created a global content policy, Content Compliance workflows and Content security. 

  • Efficiency: Digital delivery, file-based workflows and content supply chain re-engineering.

  • Transformation: MAM and CMS implementation resulting in large scale, root and branch, organisational change.

Contact us to find out how we can help support your business.

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