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Porterson offers a wide range of operational and technical expertise that helps businesses deliver and overcome a wide range of initiatives. We can do this by being involved at the initial brainstorming stage or by being utilised at specific or more specialised parts of a project.

As well as our hands on management team, we use specialist Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Engineers, Technical Developers and SMEs to deliver projects like some of those listed below;

  • Linear channel launches

  • VOD platform launches

  • Sales/VOD Deal fulfilment

  • MAM implementation

  • Workflow design (non-technical and technical)

  • Streamlining the content supply chain – efficiencies, design and improve (glass to glass)

  • National/International/Global organisational and team design

  • Consolidated Content/Media services

  • Content QC (auto & eyeball) integration

  • Compliance and localisation service integration

  • Facility offshoring

  • Legacy archive digitisation

  • People and process improvements and transformation


Contact us to find out how we can help support your business.

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